The Artist

Hello, my name is Victoria Kitanov, founder of Entrée to Arts.victoriak_new_justphoto

◊ Creativity through visual art is my passion.

◊ Entrée to Arts is my vision.

◊ Helping you rediscover your creative spark is my mission.

We all have a powerfully creative core to tap into at any time.

Creative expression helps us to become healthy, whole and resilient people at any age and all stages of life.

So if you feel you’re flat-lining through life, take heart and take action! The best gift you will ever give yourself is to make your one life the best it can be.

Join me & find you best creative self at Entree to Arts!

And remember…it’s Your time to shine!


Victoria Kitanov

Fine Artist, specialising in Marine Art, Portraiture & Sculpture


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